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Soul Realignment 

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Akashic Records Reading

   Heal and connect   

For confident spiritual women who are on a journey of self-actualisation, and are feeling the call to take it a step further. You are ready to embrace and accept ALL parts of you, so you can move forward in an incredibly empowered way! 

Hello beautiful you…This is for you if…

✨  You are carrying all the balls and doing a damn good job.  But you aren't asking for what you need at home.  You feel resentment towards your partner, finding yourself blaming them for why you are so busy!


✨  You are withholding kindness, you’re withholding love and isolating yourself. Things in the bedroom could look a lot more fun! 


✨  Feeling deeply connected and having a thriving relationship is so important to you and you want to reclaim the love you had at the beginning!

✨ You want to feel like surprising them with love bombs! Post-it notes on the mirror, surprise picnics, ‘just because I'm thinking about you’ gifts… did someone say sexting!? 


✨ You are fully consumed in an imposed identity and you don’t know how to break free.

✨ You don't know how to create balance between ALL your roles, mother, entrepreneur, your "me-time" and your relationship.


✨ Maybe you’re an empty nester and your role has changed and you don’t know what your next step is, you want to find your purpose again. 


✨ When someone asks you what you like to do, you struggle to answer them. You forgot what brings you joy and you don’t even feel like you have time for it.

✨ Just surviving isn’t cutting it anymore, being on autopilot feels like you are a shell of your former self. 


✨You have so much passion wanting to be liberated! You want to wake up excited for what you are going to achieve, and can't wait to share it!


✨ You want to plan fun adventures for you and your partner. You want to be able to make time for joy in your everyday life, and enjoy the little things more. 


✨ You want to be an inspiring role model for your children; standing in your power, honouring yourself, creating balance, and going for your dreams.

If any of that is resonating for you, then it’s time for you to make a commitment to yourself;  to take the healing deeper so that you can start creating positive impacts all around you.

This program is not for you if you haven't done self-development work before. In fact, the more you have done, the more impactful this work will be. 


Love and accept yourself, and use your inner strength to claim back the love you deserve and so deeply desire!

“When I approached Mel, I was seeking insights and guidance for my next chapter in life, I was ready to make it better than the last one! I didn't know what to expect as it was all new territory for me. 

During the reading, I was pleasantly surprised when Mel confirmed my recent experiences, which made me feel affirmed and validated in my recent life choices and decisions. 

It was both fascinating and valuable to understand how my past lives and experiences are impacting my present life. 

The session has left me feeling more confident and empowered to move forward. I have gained valuable insights that have helped me make decisions, and I often remind myself to "Just Do It!" Overall, the experience was empowering, and I highly recommend it to anyone!”


- Janet M.

Meet Me...

I have a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development, specialising in families, with a minor in Psychology. I am fully embodied in my experience as a spiritual being, and am often channelling universal wisdom in my everyday life and of course in the work that I do. I have found my calling in energy healing with Kundalini Reiki, Akashic Record work, and using Tarot as a channelling tool. I have been doing this work professionally since 2015.


 I am particularly passionate about the relationships we have with our loved ones, and what kind of role models we want to be for our children. Through my own journey, my  13-year marriage, and 3 children, I have learned that deep and powerful connections require an honest and  loving relationship with yourself first. I have overcome a lot of obstacles that gave me plenty of reasons not to love myself, and I have come out the other side of it all loving myself fiercely, and I have seen how positively this translates into the loving and supportive relationship I have with my husband

Here’s what you get …

Your Divine Soul Blueprint

Your Soul’s personality, your Divine gifts. The manual for gaining access to your own magic.


Akashic Record Preparation

Once you decide how you would like your relationship to look in the next 6 months, I do a 3-hour deep dive into your records to offer you accurate, actionable, and transformational information.


2 Hour Akashic Record Reading

I present the information I have found to you via Zoom in a 2 hour session. We will discuss your default behaviour patterns and how they are impacting your relationship.


Akashic Record Energy Clearing

After the clearing, you will have more access to your vital force energy (your manifesting booster) for the next 21 days. It will also clear up space energetically for you to take on new changes. 


Clearing Ritual

This is a carefully crafted clearing ritual, and the time frame is specific for maximum benefits. I will send you a clearing script for you to read for 21 days, the amount it time it takes to re-condition your subconscious.

Program Workbook

I will provide you with a guided workbook aimed and helping you to dive deep, track your progress, and get the most out of the beautiful work you are doing. 


Alignment Ritual

I will create a personalised alignment ritual for you to read. 

This supports the clearing ritual, putting in the positive expression of what you have cleared. 


Tarot Support

I am available as your personal Tarot reader for the 4 weeks after your initial Akashic reading. We will book in a weekly Tarot session where I will be able to answer questions and provide clarity from your spirit guides and mine.


 Loving yourself fiercely, and being able to use your inner strength to heal your relationship is wildly empowering and feels like an internal liberation!

"I decided to get an Akashic Records reading with Mel out of curiosity and a desire to find direction in my life. After being interested for some time, I took the leap! 

The reading stood out due to the mix of familiar and new information, and the results have been transformative. 

I feel more connected with my true self and better equipped to embark on a meaningful journey. 

Working with Mel has provided me with space to move beyond daily routines and embrace curiosity. I've created a new openness to different aspects of myself and my life. 

The one word to describe our work together is 'enlightening.' 

For anyone considering doing the program, I would ask if they're ready to discover more about themselves and let go of old patterns. A Soul Realignment reading offers a path to greater self-awareness. My journey towards self-acceptance that I have embarked on has exceeded my exceptions." 


 - Sue W.

Soul Realignment

heal and Connect

An 5 week powerful transformation window…. with Melissa de Jong


⧫ 3 hours of Akashic Record prep work ⧫ 2 hour Akashic Record Reading⧫   ⧫ Akashic Record Clearing ⧫ Program Workbook ⧫

 ⧫ 21-day personalised clearing ritual ⧫ 21-day personalised alignment ritual ⧫  4 weeks of Tarot readings ⧫

Develop an authentic and loving connection by acknowledging and appreciating your uniqueness. Access your inner strength and use it to break free from yourself! Develop the confidence to speak up for you needs at home.

Gain an understanding of what is hiding in your subconscious and running the show. 

By doing so, you can become the conscious driver of your own reactions. You will have the opportunity to deepen and build a loving relationship with yourself and to heal and strengthen the relationship you have with your partner.

“Wow !!! I messaged Mel after coming across her instagram page, being aware of your "own bullshit" haha , from there I thought how can I become more aware , I immediately messaged and said how can you do this ??? 

My initial call went well over my allotted time, so much valuable information and very very accurate !! The daily practices I have implemented in my life have already begun to change my life for the better. I am aware of myself and turning what I felt was a weakness into strengths!! 

It didn't stop there , Mel messaged to see my progress. At first it was all overwhelming, so much constructive information, but she was there all the way to answer any questions that came to mind . A beautiful personal touch, I can't speak highly enough of my experience , next year I will be booking again!! Thank you Xxxx”


-        Bonita R

YOur INvestment....


For 5 weeks of deep self-discovery.

 Led by my guides and yours, with Tarot, to align you closer to your Divinity

and to the life you truly want. 


Payment Plan

You choose how quickly or slowly you make this invaluable investment in yourself and for your relationships…

When you have paid in full, we will book your reading in. 



There is no comfortable way to create new results! 

You can’t achieve anything epic by doing what you have always done…it’s going to feel a little uncomfortable.  But when you see the vision for your life unfolding and your relationships thriving, that is confirmation it is ALL soooo worth it. 

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