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Holistic Wellness Taster

is my newest and most exciting initiative for those of you in Australia! 


You can find out everything you need to know here on the website!

Knowledge is enlightenment, and enlightenment is the
gateway to change. 


Hi, I'm Mel

I deeply resonate with the concept that I am a spiritual being first, and am having a temporary human experience. I have been gifted with wisdom beyond my years, and there is no other way to explain this phenomenon!


I have found three things so far in the realm of healing that I feel are my true gifts, my energy healing with Kundalini Reiki, the work I do in the Akashic Records, and reading Tarot.


I am passionate about helping people get to know themselves at soul level, beyond the complications of the human ego. With this knowledge, you can start to clear the path to having the kind of life you want across the board.


First, you improve the relationship with yourself, only then can you improve all the rest of your  relationships. With the knowledge you gain from a journey of self-actualisation, you can start to identify what you actually want, and to feel empowered to go for it. 


​With a BS in Child and Family Development and Psychology, I have a strong foundation to back my insights into the workings of the mind. Being formally trained and having years of practice reading the Akashic Records, I can read the energies of what’s behind it all, past or present life blocks. With my formal training and experience with Tarot, I can access the guides and bring through what you need to hear in the moment to help you push through to get the results you want in an empowered way. 


I am continually developing new offers and events that all come from the same mission:


To provide knowledge, so you can feel empowered, and start living your life the way that you want! 

I look forward to crossing paths in whatever program you choose to take part in! If you want more freedom, then I’m your girl! 

To see what is currently on offer, see “How can I help you?” or “Book Now”

Bringing in light, when things seem dim.

My TOols



Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the energetic data base for your soul from creation until today. I am available to support you in improving your “Response-ability."


Having those ah-ha moments will have you feeling present enough, that you will actually get to choose your reactions! This self-development journey will help you to improve your relationship with yourself, which means that ALL of your relationships will improve!


As you become the conscious driver of your choices and actions, it'll be a much smoother ride. 


I have recently dialled down my amount of offers and am focusing on my Sixth Sense Mama reading.


 I am also offering my Spring Clearing-House Reading. I am very connected with HOME, and both of these readings play their part in improving the quality of your home life. To me, this is the foundation of being able to achieve what you do in a positive and aligned way. 



Welcome to my Tarot readings, always with love and a warming smile. Tarot is a powerful tool on your journey towards self-actualisation.


I approach every reading with sincerity,  aiming to empower you to make informed decisions aligning with your highest good.


Through the Tarot, we explore your subconscious mind, offering clarity and guidance, nurturing strengths and embracing growth, acceptance, and healing. 

I use the Tarot along with the Akashic Records for both of my current readings, Sixth Sense Mama, and Spring Clearing-House Reading. 


Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is a powerful, yet subtle healing energy. 


 ​Whether you're suffering from emotional pain, or physical pain, or are feeling stressed, Reiki can provide relief.

 Reiki helps you to a quieter mind, new perspectives, better sleep, and many other benefits.


It also strengthens/opens your connection to Spirit, if that is what you are looking for. ​


I also offer attuenments to this energy. This will allow you to heal your own energy body and others' if you wish to do so. 

Only when we are brave enough to explore our own darkness will we discover the
infinite power of our light."
-Brené Brown

Janet Murphey, AU

"Working with Mel helped me gain valuable insight into how my past lives and experiences are impacting my current behaviours. I feel affirmed and validated in my recent life choices and decision. I feel empowered and now have the confidence to move forward!"

Tirza Schaefer- author-cologne Germany

“Melissa de Jong is the real deal. I had a question that wasn't easy at all. Not for me, something I've struggled with all my life. At first, Melissa put me at ease with just a smile and an openness that was heartwarming. I felt emotionally safe at once. Her presence is warm, supportive, loving and non-judgmental. As I explained my issue, she listened actively, asked questions designed to understand better and then we dived deep into the subject, working our way down the rabbit hole. The journey she took me on was amazing. I thought I'd understood it all and "just" hadn't been able to shift. However, Melissa gave me a whole new perspective, suggested a few things and asked for how I felt about it throughout. I felt really heard and seen. Her intuition is on point, every card and her interpretations resonated. The practical suggestions she made deeply resonated as if she knew me intimately already and knew what would work best for me. I am so deeply grateful to her for this reading and will be implementing her suggestions and experiment with the details. But I already know this is going to open up a whole new path for me that I had been unable to see for myself. Of course, with hindsight, you shake your head, wondering why you didn't think of that yourself. It seemed so logical and obvious when she said it and how she did. But that's the thing, we often don't see clearly when it comes to our own situation and having a reading by such a powerful intuitive with such a sunny, warm personality is a true gift and a great blessing. The reading left me with a sense of empowerment, clarity, gratitude and deep appreciation, as well as an unshakable optimism that when I walk through that door she opened for me (or made me see in the first place), I will go on an amazing journey that will be truly life-changing in the very best way. Thank you, Melissa, for your gift. I couldn't recommend you highly enough to anyone who needs clarity and find a way forward from situations that seem to have them stuck or uncertain in some way. You're safe and a true lightbringer in more ways than one. “

Jacquie Paige, AU

"When I was feeling emotionally drained, I sought Mel's help. During the session, Mel sensed that my chakras were blocked and there was stagnant energy in my knees. After the session, I noticed that the stress I had been feeling before was practically gone, and my knee pain had also vanished. We did a Tarot reading to gain some clarity on the blockages, and the cards provided insight into the situation. As a result, I felt more balanced and aware of what I needed to concentrate on at that moment in my life"

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