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Holistic Wellness
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I follow what I am passionate about, so my offers do change.This ensures that I am always aligned and connected to what I am doing, so I can deliver the best service to you.I operate from my heart space and am deeply connected to my intuition, so you can always expect a warm and safe space for you to be seen and guided into your highest purpose. 


"I came to see Mel to help me navigate my emotions as a result of an unwell family member, with whom there were complexities in our relationship. I needed some clarity, comfort and guidance.

I had heard positive reviews and also knew that she was a genuine and kind person to work with.

The readings was very relevant and specific. It was also confronting as it dealt with death, but it was delivered in a sympathetic and comforting way. It also gave me tools to help cope during such an emotional time.

On reflection, I realised that the reading applied to other areas of my life, not just the issue that I wanted guidance on.

It reinforced that I need to keep on trusting myself and that it will all be ok, even though at times, it has felt overwhelming.

It also eased the anxiety that I had surrounding my children as I was able to acknowledge their emotional resilience. I feel at peace and have a clearer mind."



What I can 
Offer for your journey of self-discovery


Sixth Sense Mama

Sixth Sense Mama is a reading for mama’s who really want to SEE their children, who want to super charge their mama bear intuition, and do parenting their way, in a way that feels tailored to you and your child.


I use the Akashic Records, as well as Tarot to understand both you and your child’s soul language, and unpack any current situations that you’re dealing with. 

You can read ALL the details here 


Tarot Readings

We can achieve so much together in just 30 minutes! That monkey mind anxiety you may be currently facing can all be put at ease when we use the Tarot to guide us through to understanding, and guided solutions.  In this short session, you'll receive meaningful answers to your questions, empowering you to make informed decisions and embrace positive transformations.

Just because of who I am as a person, you will feel calm and safe during our time together. I guide you through my heart space with love and compassion. 

If you want to go deeper to really understand the energetics of what is going on in your life, an hour is a great dive into self-discovery. 


With more time to connect, we'll uncover the underlying forces at play, nurturing your personal growth and providing clarity on your path. Embrace the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of your life and empower yourself to move forward in the best way possible.


REiki Attuenement Courses

For many, this can be the first step on the journey to self-healing. Being attuned to this powerful and gentle energy opens up universal channels and you gain the ability to use, and call on healing energy as needed. 

All the info here in the offer. 


Spring Clearing- House Reading 

It's almost spring somewhere in the world! This begins with a thorough reading of your house, which will give you a snapshot of your family dynamics.


I use loads of my tools for this one,  Akashic Records, Tarot, and Kundalini Reiki.


Where you live and work surrounds your entire energetic being, so wouldn't it make sense that part of our wellness routines would be taking care of the energy that surrounds us? In this detailed reading of your home or business, I bring awareness to what energies are hanging around that are affecting your mood day-to-day, and then we clear them together. Lots more details here in the offer.


Kundalini Reiki session

Experience an induced meditation with all its healing possibilities and much more! This session brings balance to your chakras, and calms your nervous system. When your nervous system is regulated, the benefits are profound and improves every part of your life. $100 for the session.


Wellness Taster Expo

I have created an expo that delivers a hands-on educational landscape for you to learn about complimentary alternative medicine (CAM). Stroll through stalls with professionals ready to listen to what you have to say, invested in helping you to feel better. If you would like to take it a step further, you can become a Liberty VIP which gives you access to all activities, Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. This means you can attend the retreat sessions, and the Friday night Sound Healing, dinner, and twilight access to stalls.


For more information, click here to hop over to the offical Holistic Wellness Taster website.

Suzzane W, AU

"I decided to get an Akashic Records reading with Mel out of curiosity and a desire to find direction in my life. After being interested for some time, I took the leap! The readings stood out due to the mix of familiar and new information, and the results have been transformative. I feel more connected with my true self and better equipped to embark on a meaningful journey. Working with Mel has provided me with space to move beyond daily routines and embrace curiosity. I've created a new openness to different aspects of myself and life. The one word to describe our work together is 'enlightening.' For anyone considering a reading, I would ask if they're ready to discover more about themselves and let go of old patterns. A Soul Realignment reading offers a path to greater self-awareness. My journey towards self-acceptance since the Akashic reading that I have embarked on has exceeded my exceptions." 


"I had never had Reiki before, but I just ended a relationship with someone, and I couldn't get out of my head. After our first session together, I had already gained more clarity and a positive perspective around what had happened. I felt extremely calm for days afterwards and have continued on an upward path to healing. It exceeded my expectations, and Mel was so good at listening and holding space for me."


"I was feeling a little unsure about the next step in my business. I was feeling a little insecure and wasn't sure how to shake it or what exactly was blocking me. I decided to get a Tarot reading with Mel. The minute I connected with Mel on Zoom, I could feel that she connected with my energy, and I could tell that she was channeling information just for me. The way that she held space for me was really comforting, and not something you find in a reader every day. After the reading, I felt much lighter and more confident in my next steps. I walked away with a big smile!"
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