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Spring Clearing

Not limited by time or space, available to anyone, no matter where you live!

As per usual, I’ve carefully crafted something a bit radical to shake things up… because honestly, that’s kinda my thang and I love what I do! 

We have ALL heard of Spring Cleaning… aaaand some years you dive right in, and some years you would rather melt into the couch and binge watch that Netflix show… you know, the one that everyone keeps talking about…


I’ll leave cleaning out the linen press to you and your organiser, but I WILL help you to understand and clear out stagnant and disruptive energy.

This is for you if…

* You want to know what is living the walls of your home!

* You want to know at a deeper level what is going on for your nearest and dearest.

* Open communication is so important to you, and having insight into some of the relationship dynamics will help you to know how to best support the people you care most about. 

* You are the type of person who doesn't stick their head in the sand, if there is something going on, you want to face it head on. 

* You want to feel more peace and harmony in your home or work plac

* You see the value in being able to achieve a quieter mind 

* You would like to bring more positivity into your life 

* You would appreciate being more productive with your time 

* You would love to get better quality sleep 

* You care about having a personal wellness practice  

* You consider yourself to be empathic, and feel drained around certain people or situations 

* You have never cleared your space before 

* You are the type of person who feels like knowledge is the key to enlightenment, and value the truth to be able to make positive change 



Your home surrounds your whole energetic being. Energy functions like dust and clutter- it’s easily collected.

Energy builds up over time from events that have occurred not only whilst you’ve been living there, but all the way back to events that occurred on the land since before there was even the thought of a house there. 

If you have never cleared the energy in your home, whatever has occurred in the space, including on the land, could still be hanging around. 

The disruption of the energetic balance is most noticeable when it’s fresh, then we just get used to it, and it becomes the new normal. 

 Negative energy starts with a single event, and builds up as a chain of events over time. Even a difficult visitor can stir things up and leave a negative energetic residue.

Uncleared negative energy may cause you to feel more tired or stressed than you need to be.

It can cause unnecessary bickering between you and your family; and make you and everyone that lives there feel unbalanced or tense. Discordant energy can block positivity, increase anxiety, depression, or fear. It can leave you tossing and turning in bed at night, frustrated because you know you have a big day tomorrow and really really need a good night of sleep! 


It would be beneficial to smudge your home yourself once a month or after an emotional event. It would also be amazing if you could treat clearing your space like a self-care regimen. It’s up there with that mediation you do (or plan to do tomorrow) to recoup from your busy life.

Sadly, the energy we maintain in our homes doesn’t tend to come up when we are looking at our wellness routines like cleaning, organising, and health. It is another piece of the puzzle that can elevate how nurtured and peaceful you feel in your own home.


Clearing energy is an essential spiritual upkeep tool to maintain a sacred space that you can proudly call your home!

While you’re still reading, I wanna also let you know that your shop fronts, your precious business’s that you have built from blood, sweat, and tears, will also benefit greatly from clearing work. Your employees as wells as your customers and clients will be influenced by the energy that surrounds them while they are there.

A space void of negative energy will invoke an even better experience for your employees and patrons. 



Got your attention?

This is how it’s all going to go down…

The reading and clearing process starts in the Akashic Records (an energetic database of everything that has occurred since the beginning of time. If you farted in the 5th grade, and blamed poor Tommy, the records know lol). 


This work is done before our Zoom together.

I will read and clear initially for:

  • Portalways

  • Negative Thought Forms

  • Earthbound Souls 

  • Anger Spears 

  • Gateways 

  • and check for Land Assignment 

Now I know you don’t know what all that stuff is, and I doubt you would take the time to read it all right now even if I explained it to you! 

So when you book, and we have a chat, I will explain it all. 

This is the first step for the reading of your home or business as it looks at the space as a whole. 


Next, I go a little deeper...

I will go through each room individually and find what specific energetic qualities (ex. self-doubt, chaos, lethargy, miscommunication…) are most greatly influencing each space.

I will use Tarot and/or dowsing, depending on the room, how it’s used, and what I feel I called to do in the moment.

This is a little snapshot of your family dynamics, or at least where they are at right now. 

Just knowing what energies are there will give you an awareness of where everyone is operating from, and that will give you the key to be able to make changes. 


To remind you that it’s not all doom and gloom, I’ll also read for what energy is positively impacting your space! 


And finally, the clearing…

I first clear the things that I read from the Akashic Records.

Then I use distance Kundalini Reiki to clear out the energy from each space. 

After we go over the information, I then guide you through a process to clear each individual space.

Having you involved in the clearing process is so powerful.

You can use sage or sprays, or even incense. 

Wow wow wow, thats a lot of value there

$333 for the whole package!


Walking into your home will feel like a warm hug after all that!  


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