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Who are you and why should I get a reading with you?

Haha, well, because I’m awesome! Oh, my name is Mel. But seriously though, I have a BS in Child and Family Development and Psychology. I have been officially studying metaphysical studies since 2014, and working professionally in the field since 2015. I have been trained to read the Akashic Records (an energetic data base of every life you have ever lived since your creation as soul), and up to Master Level in Kundalini Reiki, and I have a Diploma in Tarot. I have worked with 100’s of people, and I have had the privilege to witness and support them as they navigate decisions and improve their selfawareness. I have had the honour to play a positive role in how people show up in their lives, as an improved version of themselves!

Common myths and misconceptions

Is Tarot evil?

No. They are pictures printed on paper! They were first made for wealthy Italian families in the 1800’s and were used as a card game. Tarot being around for such a long time, they have had the chance to be re-invented 10 times over.  Pop culture and Hollywood in particular, are a big reason why the general population still can feel a little uneasy about what Tarot is exactly. Some religions also play into this misconception, but I won’t go into any of that here. I promise you, there is no dark magic here! 

So, what is Tarot, and what can I expect from a reading?

Tarot is a powerful tool that offers guidance, transformational insights and can help someone learn more about themselves. As the reader, I use my intuition to tap into universal energies and the subconscious mind to interpret the symbolism on the cards. A good Tarot reading will help to guide you through understanding your own thoughts more clearly and aim to provide comfort and direction around any aspects of life that you may be unsure about. 


Can Tarot cards predict the future? 

No, the greatest gift we have as humans is free choice, therefore no future is set in stone. What Tarot can do, is to show you what is probable in the near future based on your current beliefs and the actions you take based on those beliefs. Are Tarot readings accurate? This depends entirely on the reader and the clarity of the questions asked. A good reader will have a strong and trusting relationship with their intuition, and lots of practice. A good reader will have a solid understanding of the cards and their symbolism. They also have the ability to assist you in formulating a meaningful question that will provide the best answers, maximizing the benefits of your reading. 


Should I make decisions based on Tarot readings?

No, you should not make big decisions solely based on what is said in a Tarot reading. The reading will provide you with insights and guidance that you can then use as a tool for reflection and consideration. When combined with your own intuition and rational thinking, a good decision is in the making! 


What if I know you? 

As stated above, I have been doing this kind of work since 2015, and I have ethical boundaries both legally and personally to keep everything confidential. I have worked with many people in town, and nothing you or I say in the session is repeated to anyone, ever again. If you aren’t comfortable getting a reading in a public place, just contact me, and alternative arrangements can be made. It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t shock me, upset me, or make me think any less of you! I have been doing this work for a long time, I have heard it all! When you work with me, you will feel nothing but, kindness, acceptance, and a desire to help. 

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